Setting of Coriolis

History of the Third Horizon

The horizon is just another name for a galaxy or network of star systems.

As usual mankind messed up earth (or Al-Ardha as it is known in this system) and a new home was required. A distant star, a red giant (Dabaran), was scanned using farseeing telescopes and deemed as being the most likely 'nearby' system with habitable planets. Two gigantic ships the Zenith and the Nadir set off with colonists in cryo-sleep for the 1000 year journey to the star.

Contact with the Nadir was lost and only Zenith arrived on Dabaran and found not only that the system could support human life but that it already did. Mankind had already colonised the Dabaran system and surrounding systems. They had arrived some 500 years earlier through portals that had been discovered whilst the Zenith had made its slow sub light speed journey towards Dabaran. Through these portals mankind had colonised three star systems or horizons. Those colonising the Third Horizon had been fortune seekers, dissidents, rebels seeking to escape an imperialistic rule that had quickly settled over the first two horizons. As could have been predicted the first two horizons couldn't leave the third horizon be and had fought a bitter war over it. There had been a conclusive battle where the third horizon had gained their independence but in the cataclysmic battle the portal to the old horizons had been lost. The third horizon was left alone and in the hundreds of intervening years had been left to their own devices.

Those who arrived through the original portal are known as the firstcome. New cultures, religions and supersitions arose over the 500 years before the Zenith arrived, each system taking on its own flavour and system of government. Technology progressed slowly as trade between systems vanished.

When the Zenith arrived and found Dabaran to be linked to 35 other systems,  the crew or "Late-come" travelled the length of teh Third Horizon for a long time whilst deciding on the next step. They eventually put the ship in orbit above the planet of Kua (the main planet in the Kua system) and an argument broke out. The end of this resulted in the captains family who had been awake on and off throughout the 1000-year journey (the Quassars) descending to the planet of Kua and taking residence in the monolith a 4km high tower surrounded by a sprawling city (known as the conglomerate). The other family that had been awake on and off during the millennial journey  were the Yriedes family (the Helmsmen) and they eventually took the remains of the ship and built the Coriolis space station that orbits Kua and make up the Consortium faction. The other newly awakened colonists formed factions and founded colonies in other systems and some in kua itself. 

The arrival of the Zenith fostered a new era of inter star system travel and trade emerged. A council of factions was formed that takes place on Coriolis Station consisting of a representative of each of the following factions

◆ The Consortium: Large corporations dominating trade, manufacturing, science, media and colonisation.
◆ The Free League: Free traders, auctioneers, marketeers - counting official members this is the largest
◆ The Legion: Remnants of the army that fought in the portal wars now making up the army, navy and police (guardsmen)
◆ The Syndicate: Organised crime
◆ The Zenithian Hegemony: Aristocrates that are the elite of the Monolith on Kua. They control the Monolith and The Conglomerate. Have their own space fleet (Zenith Aviation Academy)
◆ Ahlam’s Temple: Believers in the eternal importance of the present, this faction is made up of courtesans, rhetoricians, prophets and negotiators.
◆ The Draconites: Warrior philsophers that originated in the Zenith but disappeared into the dark and returned having assimilated old wisdom from the firstcome
◆ The Church of the Icons: Clergy of the Icons who seek to promote faith in the Icons as a unifying force
◆ The Order of the Pariah: Dedicated to helping the poor and sick on Coriolis they run sanatoriums, poor houses, soup kitchens etc. However they also have reputations as being fanatics known outside Coriolis and "The martyrs" 
◆ The Nomad Federation: Collection of nomadic fleets yet to gain a seat on the council.


Setting of Coriolis

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